Thursday, January 15, 2009

it sounds like this sometimes

fIREHOSE - If'n (lala) - I was looking for myself in old KLSU staff pictures on Facebook , and fIREHOSE was the sound of the station back then.
Swearing at Motorists - This Flag Signals Goodbye (lala) - Love these guys.
"Anything You Want" is 1:26 of near rock perfection, and could maybe be reduced further to that 15-20 seconds in there and then looped forever

Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading Trails (lala) - Love these guys too. Even if that's totally not why they do it.
Barton Carroll - The Lost One (lala) recommended by the lala, and now by me. He sounds like Alex Chilton one second, some other guy I can't place the next, and like the appropriate gradients between. Exposed influences, idiosyncratic phrasing, sympathetically under-produced, unexpected swirling violin, frank and slightly creepy sexuality - I like this from"Those Days are Gone, and My Heart is Breaking"
There is no limit to the steps I could retrace
I got a job making eggs at my friend's place
There's no disgrace in making an honest living
Thanks, Barton Carroll.

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