Tuesday, January 6, 2009

imagery I enjoy

Same as yesterday actually. I like that Animal Collective even more on the third listen. I think they took the right things out of Sung Tongs and Panda Bear's solo record and jettisoned the extra baggage from Feels, and came up with a rather complete expression of their deal. It felt good in the new cheapo headphones I bought on my lunchbreak, and frankly, that is all that I ask of them.

Andrew Poppy (lala) is excellent background for the dull techy work I'm doing today. I didn't realize that collection was 3 CD's worth of material! Much of it has the air of a-vaguely-fashionable-and-hip-news-break is coming through, this just in - a truck carrying a load of iPhones just plowed into the nice Starbucks across from the Whole Foods. Which is imagery I enjoy.

Dig "45 Is", especially when the operatic voice pops in at the 3:30 mark, chirping about (I think) video game scores. I'm predicting a starkly lit stage with herky-jerky Pat Benatar dancers flanked by over-sized Asteroids machines.

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