Saturday, January 17, 2009

5 things I liked this morning

  1. The yellow-orange-pink-purple-blue sunrise through the wires looking down Government street.
  2. The way the LSU Campus looks like a De Chirico painting when the students are not around
  3. The cashier at the grocery store saying, "These people better love Jesus if they are in here this early!"
  4. The same cashier remarking to the other cashier "That pawn shop on Plank? I got a good Smith & Wesson there one time!"
  5. The grasp of situational ethics that my daughter is picking up from Star Wars. After asking what smuggler meant: "OK, but if Han Solo is a smuggler against the Empire, then it's good, right?"
The appropriate soundtrack for reading this list and contemplating the implications thereof is this recording of Folk Songs (lala) by esteemed avant-garde composer and puller of the loose threads found in the institutional and logical fabrics, Luciano Berio. I am liking this as well this morning, but not in the past tense, thereby making it exempt from the list criteria.

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