Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Abecedary for the New Year, In Which I will…

Painted door featuring the word "exit" found in the trash
down the street from my house on Jan. 1, 2009
  1. Architect my own successes, in other words
  2. Be the
  3. Cause for things to go
  4. Down the way I want.
  5. Every year begins with a
  6. Fear that I am
  7. Going to lose my job because it
  8. Happened on two different Januarys in the 00's.
  9. It doesn't help that former exorcist, Republican sweetheart, and Louisiana Governor Bobby
  10. Jindal has implemented cuts to higher education and that is where I am employed, recently so at that.
  11. Knowledge of such possibilities
  12. Lends itself to anxiety, and anxiety
  13. Makes its own realities if left unchecked.
  14. No amount of worry
  15. Or anguish will be of
  16. Possible assistance, nor will it answer the unanswerable
  17. Question of
  18. "Really how
  19. Secure is
  20. This job?" I am operating
  21. Under the memory that I created any successes in the past, and
  22. Viewing the
  23. World through the warped lens of an-
  24. Xiety only
  25. Yields a warped reality. Thus, I am considering 2009 a
  26. Zone where things are vivid and clear.

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  1. In pretty sure that my friend Simon painted that door.