Thursday, August 14, 2008

not for all the tea in China will I listen to it now

I woke up singing "All My Little Words" by The Magnetic Fields in my head, because well, I cannot sing a lick - not just like a bird, but not even just like a shoe and I had to wait until Maya was walked to school so I could at least murmur it under my breath where only the dog was subject to my detuned assault. In my head, I sound good singing it; my voice has a rich baritone timbre - unfortunately, the velvet train of my singing can't ever quite find the tracks once it leaves the yard.

So I get to work thinking, finally, I can listen to it, either commune with or purge this melody and my Internet is not working. For a moment before I left the house, I thought I should spend 5 minutes downloading it and putting it on my phone, just to have on obsessive three-peat for the ride to work, but nah. I have the Internet at work I thought. It was an American tragedy. Magnetic Fields....more like the Killing Fields!

Now I don't even want to listen to it, out of some sort of absurd spite, like Vladimir and Estragon deciding no I DON'T want to take my boots off! so there! But I do, I will. I did. Love that stupid song.

Here is somebody's stupid homemade lovely video for that stupid song. so you can totally ignore it anyway!

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