Friday, August 22, 2008

Captain Badass

I can handle all sorts of grown-up challenges - public speaking, direct confrontation with strangers, dealing with other people's kids, making criticism, taking criticism - all with relative grace, but anything dealing with money curls me into a ball, so this second day of fighting payroll clerks has left me a little spent and weak-feeling.

But, while the dog was eating before I left for work, I grabbed the guitar and dicked around with some chords and landed on the melody of my second favorite Song:Ohia song "Hot Black Silk" where Jason Molina bellows in his Poindexter rage "There is nothing short of wisdom!!!' in the chorus and all is better. That's what I love about his stuff - he is not a menacing figure at all, but he is assertive nonetheless. Not through assertiveness, but through mere assertion.

I interviewed him a couple years back, and at first was taken aback by the list of things the publicist said he wouldn't address. Who are you, Axl Rose? Now, I see the wisdom in this, the nipping of foolishness at the bud. That is how you do it.

My favorite Song:Ohia song comes later on the same album Axxess & Ace, "Captain Badass"

quote Captain Badass,
I am setting your heart on fire.
So when you leave me
I will burn on in your soul
You won't have to think twice
If it's love, you will know
We get no second chance in this life
and I had this blaring as I strolled in to cajole a third link in the renumeration chain to finally pay me, feeling not assertive, but asserted - I am here and this is what you will do because I am here. And they did. I should keep this song on my phone just for when situations like this come up

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