Friday, August 8, 2008

"I get thee top bunk...."

According to this article in Radar, Genesis P-Orridge, agent provocateur of Psychic TV and Thobbing Gristle, escaped the UK and:

wound up crashing, oddly, with a young Winona Ryder and her parents—because the authorities back home, while declining to charge him with a crime, had warned that they couldn't guarantee his safety or that of his family if he returned to London
Of all the weird things I know about Genesis P-Orridge, this little detail seems one of the weirdest. What were Winona Ryder's parents into, I wonder?

Also it said that he broke his arm escaping by jumping out of a window to escape a fire at Rick Rubin's house. Please, I hope that it implies he was working on a Rubin-esque cover album ala the Johnny Cash ones. Genesis P-Orridge has a particular if peculiar talent for cover songs (see "Good Vibrations" (youTube, no video), so this could be rather brilliant.

I couldn't find footage of them doing a rather stirring version of Neil Young's "Only Love Will Break your Heart" that I know exists out there, but here is my favorite Psychic TV song, "Unclean" (video by acclaimed and notorious British filmmaker Derek Jarman)

For an explanation of the title of this post, click here , website for Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, a quasi-cult started by and later disassociated from Genesis, and scroll down to "Why does TOPY spell funny?"

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