Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun House Indeed: Hour 2 - Let me in

Perhaps a day that involved less professional frustration would have been a better canvas on which to smear the raw elements of The Stooges' wildest studio moment- I can feel the smooth edges and shiny surfaces of things give way to the rotting epidermis and the crusty callouses. Steve Mackay, to his credit, keeps yakkity saxing through the whole thing un-phased. I have yet to throw a chair at one of my co-workers, and I cite MacKay's grace under pressure as the reason why.

I'm glad they changed the name of "See That Cat" to "T.V. Eye." Same song, but somehow I don't think that ratty little groove would sound as perfect today with such a dated title. She's got a TV eye on me, on the other hand, sounds like a summation of Now and will likely do so forever until there are no more TV's or eyes to watch them (or me)

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