Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun House Indeed: Hour 1 - I Feel Alright

Although after hearing Iggy Pop rasp it over and over through five takes of "1970" I fear what kind of human detritus will be exhibited in hour seven. So far, as Iggy sounds a little more ragged through the subsequent versions, saxophonist Steve MacKay sounds better smoother, his instrument sounding lubricated against Iggy's partched larynx. Ron Asheton's guitar sounds the same, as if he's plugged into a continuum instead of an amp. Take 3 of "1970" gloriously lasts as long as that year likely did in most minds - everything grinding out into a lugubrious trudge at the end. Goodbye swinging sixties, hello downward slide into realizing the sixties were a myth experienced by a few pampered counter-culturals who were well-connected enough to counter the culture, to escape the draft, to not be black and poor, to sing into the mirror about putting flowers in their hair.

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