Sunday, August 10, 2008

6 things

  1. I traded in a bunch of CD's at The Compact Disc store, taxonomically correct since it is the sole wide-scope purveyor of compact discs in Baton Rouge (there are three or four others that deal primarily in hip-hop) and got a CD in trade that is so fucking cool I don't even want to tell you what it is. Listening to it is like finding an unheard-of soul record at a garage sale, allowing you to lord it over the next round of mixtapes. If none of the places I'm pitching it to bite, I might let y'all know what it is, but I will likely be very smug about it. It has the potential of being a Shuggie Otis-style outsider soul cult sensation. Added bonus is that no one, not even the record label, knows anything about the artist.
  2. Speaking of pitches, one for the next Oxford American that was accepted but they passed on the article just got kicked back into play = tight.
  3. I am exhausted from the gd balloon festival. The crush of humanity Saturday night was more than I or my two small traveling companions could bear, but we muscled through and stayed through the fireworks display. And I'd be lying if I said that I was not secretly wishing somewhere in my black heart that a straggler balloon somehow (unmanned - the best would be if it broke free from its moorings) wandered back into the grounds as the fireworks were underway and set off some spectacular destructive mayhem.
  4. I could give an F about football, but I am very excited about the onset of tailgaiting season. I asked my boy John, Master Tailgater if he was ready and he said we have three home games in a row starting the end of August which may do him in.
  5. I had it in my head that Drive-By Truckers were playing this month, but its the end of September, which is good, since having both DBT and The Hold Steady show up here in the same lunar cycle would be too much for my aging fanishness to handle. I'm still feeling the effects of The Hold Steady from Thursday.
  6. I almost forgot; at the balloon festival I had a Georgia Peach sno-ball (or snow-cone if you prefer, they are often called sno-balls here) with cream added and the was the glorious, Supreme Personality of Godhead in sno-ball form! Heretofore shall I intend to never fuck around with any lesser sno-ball flavor combination. (pictured above)

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  1. Snow cones are obtained elsewhere in the country. They come nowhere close to the deliciousness that is a snow ball. Snow balls=yum. Snow cones=disappointment. See snow cones offered on the beach in Florida for reference. Sub-par ice with flavored water for color and "flavor".