Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Abecedary of How I'm Feeling Right Now, and Why

Anxious - because these are anxious times
Belly-full - because I had the souvlaki sandwich from Albashsa's
Cross - because of the battles of the day
Devilish - because I always feel a little devilish
Eager - because I want to feel the rush after the tipping point
Fixated - because I can see things in play
Gregarious - because I had to alpha it up over some snivelers today
Hot - because I live in The Swamp State and August is the devil's armpit
Insouciant - because I was the alpha and not the sniveler
Jack-of-all-Trades - because I am
Kinetic - because the trades were all in different locations
Loquacious - because I am doing this very exercise just to have a an excuse to play with words
Meek - because it is what we all are, so that we can inherit the Earth
Ne'er-do-well - because of all the various connotations of that phrase, literal and figurative
Optimistic - because you have to be, right?
Pensive - because I am by nature
Quick - because I am zipping through this
Resplendent - because I thought of a good one for Q just like that
Staccato - because the melody of today has been in 1000 quick bursts
Territorial - because the lines of demarcation are coming into focus
Useless - because I always feel that a little
Vexed - because I always feel that a little too
Worn-down - because I am
Xenophobic - because there has been a rash of neighborhood crime and break-ins, and that always brings out the worst in me
Yielding - because otherwise, you are just fighting the wind all the time
Zen - because my weak understanding of Zen is that it is the meaningless fulfillment and find meaning in that


  1. Had this been an accurate accounting of how you 'actually' had been feeling - and 'why'... I woods'a'spected sum ramblin'concise-ity marryn'-aided indiff-ah-rence that'oood cut threw lines and give it'all up...'gaininagain.
    Whilst I doo understand the economy of 26 lines, there may be somewhere on this planet sum soles that'll walk t'tha grave thinkin' you maybe 13 over - or mebbe 312 under....
    C'est la vie.............


    Monday past,52nd anniversary, "'J.P.A.C.C.D.' in the Wilds of LonIslands"...I really can't b'leeve c'bin 15 yrs since sittin' in the Chimes...outta the blew, well on,and it begins again.

    love you, keep on.

  2. oHHH,
    Hi ya.