Thursday, May 3, 2012

young people on the verge

She looks a little like the Picasso painting, but there is also an Angus Young, school uniform aspect to this scene that I appreciate.

Hanni El Khatib, Will the Guns Come Out
Elephant of the Ocean, "Torso Looking For Legs"
Pagans, The Blue Album
Various Artists, Cheese Booger's Pie & Ears Vol. 2 - Cleveland: Old Scars, New Blood 

Ohio punk rules.

The Rolling Stones, "Brown Sugar", in my head, on repeat.
KLSU outside the conference room in which I am temporarily camped while they work on my office. Some student was just singing the National's "Bloodbuzz, Ohio" in the tiled hallway reverb.
Japancakes, Giving Machines (Happy birthday, John Neff!)
Thee American Revolution, Buddha Electrostorm
Oneida, Collisions 02
Flying Saucer Attack, Distance
The Rolling Stones, Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out

A group of conceptual artists and minimal abstractionists have been hired to repaint my office.

Last night at guitar class we played around with open G tuning and "Brown Sugar" in particular and yeah, yeah, Yeah, WOOOOO! Guitar class is fun. Is this what dudes who play golf feel, getting out on a big boy golf course and pretending for a moment they are Tiger Woods? This has got to be better. I'd rather pretend to be be Ron Wood than Tiger Woods anyway.

It was all a blur.

Yes, I know Ron Wood wasn't in the Stones in 1969, I was just trying to do a thing with words. I went to an English department award ceremony where Emily Nemens won an award for a nonfiction essay contest I judged. It was a smart essay about art in New York, particularly the blocky minimalists and the blocks on which they and she lived. Then I darted over for a Student Media year end ceremony. They had pizza and cheery anxious young people on the verge of real life. Did I mention I like working on the student end of the university?


I didn't know that "Brown Sugar" got its debut at the infamous Altamont show, right after Meredith Hunter was killed in self-defense by a Hell's Angel. You think a song like that has been around forever. You think everything will be, and then it's all something different.

Meredith Hunter in green. From Documenting Reality.  This is not where I meant this post to go, but there it went and here we are. Good luck out there.

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