Thursday, May 10, 2012

The horrible/not-horrible line

Three dragonflies having fun on the line.

The Mavericks, What a Crying Shame
David Linley, El-Rayo-X
C. C. Adcock, C. C. Adcock
Vallejo, Rock Americano
R. L. Burnside & the Sound Machine, Bad Luck City
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Year One
Larry Garner, Double Dues (20th Anniversary Reissue)

It was just me at guitar class last night so Dave had me sing. I waded through a decent reading of "Sweet Jane" and a sub-garage approximation of "Strychnine" but as we played around with E♭open tuning, I stumbled on a version of the chorus lick from the Mavericks' "What a Crying Shame" which is another of those greatest songs ever. I attempted a falsetto and it wasn't horrible. OK, maybe it actually was horrible, but it didn't feel horrible.

The horrible/not-horrible line is being similarly walked with my slide playing. So fun up there on the line. Look at the level of not-horrible-ness radiating from me. I'm like Aquaman or something!

This is a great cover of a Springsteen tune by the Mavericks. Nothing horrible here. Everything is perfect in this video -  from Tammy Wynette's hair down to the knick-knacks on the bookshelf. I want to sip pricey bourbon with Tammy Wynette while she watches her stories in that living room.

I had more, like a Facebook chat with one of my comic book scholar friends about Pulp, the Smiths, houseflies and Yoko Ono, but I'm saving it up for a collected volume to be titled Talking With Dudes About Music in the Night (and in the Day). It will be salient, as they say. Possibly ebullient. Meanwhile, here is Yoko Ono being fly.

This sounds genius accompanying any music. Try it!

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