Friday, May 25, 2012

combo platter

tommy's fish house seafood platter

Seafood combo platter at Tommy's Fish House (be warned: Cajun midi) in Prairieville. That cole slaw is as good as it looks and the oysters are better. I'm working on my Photoshop/improving skills so any advice is welcome. These are all iPhone photos after they've been light-balanced and color adjusted away from blurry iGreenness, so take pity.

Thursday cont'd:
Happy Mondays, Bummed
Joey Ramone, ...Ya Know?
Pixies, Caribou

Tommy's fish house gumbo

Even their gumbo is good. Despite what people might lead you to believe about Louisiana dining, not all gumbos are created equal, in fact most of the time, they feel like perfunctory additions to the menu, a thing out-of-towners feel compelled to order feeding a listless compulsion to make it.  Tommy's could've stood more seafood (though not too much; I don't care for picking things like crab claws or shells out of soup) but the broth was spot on and the okra retaining their crunch. It felt like a conscious dish rather than an obligation.

tommy's fish house roast beef poboy

Jerri's roast beef poboy with debris was on the money, even after hauling it back from beyond the parish line. Maya said, "You have to put this place in your book. I insist." If you insist.

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