Wednesday, May 9, 2012

you all go get married to each other

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Green River
Beachwood Sparks, Make the Cowboy Robot Cry
Cotton Jones, Paranoid Cocoon
Patterson Hood live on the Mountain Stage (via NPR)
The Widowers, All But Gone (via their Bandcamp site)
Silver Jews, Tanglewood Numbers (via YouTube)
The Vulgar Boatmen, You and Your Sister
The Magnetic Fields, "Strange Powers"

I needed to hear "Lodi" then I needed to hear the whole record then I needed to start a country rock band then I needed to just listen to Creedence and let them take up that yoke and then I needed to get back to work and come up with something else to listen to. This McSweeney's article about "bandwiches" offers this analogy:

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Alligator sausage, ketchup, relish, seeded hot dog bun.

and all I'm saying is I know of two places in town where you can get that, and like CCR, it's good, I'm down with it, finding it occasionally, possibly momentarily perfect even, but rarely the best long-run option for what you're after. Finding what works for you is important.

Beachwood Sparks, "Ponce de Leon Blues" does the trick for me.

"Like a brown bird nested in a Texaco sign, I got a point of view"- Silver Jews, "I'm Getting Back into Getting Back Into You"

I'm glad President Obama made what I think is a very logical and decent stance on same-sex marriage, political chess move that it may be. It is crazy that he should have to. I support same-sex marriage just as much as I support different-sex marriage. See how goofy that sounds? I even support couples not being married. Or triples. Or people not being in relationships. Or whatever. I feel stupid trying to articulate this. Marriages other than your own are like science; it doesn't matter how you feel about them. They are there outside of your acceptance.

The Vulgar Boatmen, "You and Your Sister"

Are sister wives married to each other or are they just spokes off the wheel of a man? Either way, I'm down with you being down with that too. Or not. I'm down with a lot. But it still doesn't matter. One of my former grad students was surprised to discover that marriages in the US are not arranged; it didn't occur to him that they weren't.

My wife has super powers. That's all I know about marriage. Powers stronger than that of Creedence Clearwater Revival and totally hot, same/different-sex, n-partnered unions and alligator sausage and political arguments and the head rush from eating cotton candy with a gloomy angel on a Coney Island Ferris wheel (see below). Combined. Even more super than strange powers, which is still the best song ever. When we kiss it's like a flying saucer landing. I'm gonna go listen to it five or six times in a row while you all go get married to each other.

The Magnetic Fields, "Strange Powers"

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