Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

Night of the Wolf, as it plays out in the Whole Foods parking lot.

Tuesday cont'd:
Current 93, Earth Covers Earth
Arcadia, "Election Day"
Scritti Politti, Early
Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds, Philosophy and Underwear 
A.R. Kane, "i" (via John Peel's Online Record Collection)
Ethel, Heavy

Maps! The CARTE Map museum was he perfect place to celebrate Louisiana's 200th birthday. Great snacks too, though the junior cartographer that accompanied me to the museum's reception of a chronological evolution of Louisiana maps - remember that basically the entire West was once "Louisiana" - thought the melon wrapped in prosciutto was beyond the pale. She did put a dent in the brie, taking her predilection for opening reception food from her father, I believe.

We walked from the gallery to the park afterwards where we encountered this Goldsworthy-worthy installation around a tree. I think this same person may have done an arrangement of pinecones on campus a while back, though true to the Noble Earth Artist, the work was unsigned so we'll never know for sure.

Happy May Day, all you happy toilers and virtuous pagans out there. May your heaven be one of leisure and Middendorf's paper thin catfish, though if you are a real socialist, you believe heaven is ours to, as a union, craft and the catfish await the those willing to get in the water and work the nets.

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