Friday, May 25, 2012

eleven things I like about that kid

maya encaustic

Joe Bonamassa, Driving Towards the Daylight
Free, Heartbreaker
Chris Spedding, Enemy Within
Roger Alan Wade, Deguello Motel
Bruce Springsteen, Tunnel of Love
Jerry Reed, Alabama Wild Man
Lucinda Williams, Little Honey

In honor of Maya's 11th birthday, here are eleven things I like about that kid making a hair-dryer encaustic out of childish things:
  1. She'd pretty much always rather go outside
  2. She goes deep on anything that interests her
  3. She has to squint to focus on the things that don't
  4. She's still willing to go places with me on the outside chance that something interesting will happen
  5. She rolls with it when nothing interesting happens
  6. She can already do some things better than I can
  7. She's totally funny
  8. She's totally serious
  9. She's not in a big hurry to grow up
  10. She's not clinging to being a kid either
  11. She's more into being her right now than anyone is about anything

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