Friday, May 18, 2012

Tonight in Arnaudville!

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Check out the street view of NUNU's in Arnaudville where I'm doing a book signing tonight. I understand it has been spruced up a little since this photo was taken, but part of me wants it to look just like this. I love the people at Nunu's. They embody the south Louisiana cultural spirit maybe better than anyone.

Here's how you get there.

Tonight at 7: It's a potluck, a photo exhibit by my buddy Sam Irwin, a talk on the arts by Christine Weeks, and a concert by Artists as One Voice. I'm brining a Calandro's strawberry cream cheese-filled creme cake if that helps make your decision. There will be cream and creme! You can be the girl with the most cake!

Here is a slide show of Sam's Art in Agriculture project.

Beach House, Bloom
Cat Power, What Would the Community Think?
Hole, Live Through This
Frank Black and the Catholics, Pistolero
Giant Sand, Goods and Services
Father John Misty, Fear Fun

I was trying to find that particular Cat Power song with the bit about the girl with the most cake, and then I remembered it was a Hole song. Courtney Love is a contentious love. I do still kinda love her old trainwreck ways, and yeah, I know Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain and whoever actually wrote this whole Hole album or whatever. It hol(e)ds up much better than you'd think. Better than any of the people that made it have.

Just try to defy the allure of this cake.

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