Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Spotted while walking the dog. Maya's reaction: "WHY WOULD ANYONE THROW THAT OUT?!"

Wissam Boustany, This Invisible World
Thomas Schultz, Christian Wolff: Long Piano

Lou Reed, American Poet
Dr. John, Locked Down
Alabama Shakes, Boys & Girls 
(streaming at NPR)
The Fugs, Greatest Hits

I am not really a flute person when it comes to classical music but Boustany's This Invisible World, a recital of neo-classical to modern flute sonatas by Carl Witt and Paul Hindemith and Jean Sibelius and etc. is a supernova exploding in the sky. I got at least two articles and a book chapter written to it Sunday afternoon despite the momentary agape moments of "that is lovely." I like it so much I even "pinned it." I'm blaring it in my office. I had to turn a flute record down before people complained.

Houtach Khoury's excellently-titled cosmic wonder Mirror of Eternity, dedicated to and performed by Mr. Boustamy is hereby linked because it is not embeddable for some pointless reason; movements 1, 2 and 3.

Spotted this classic in a neighbor's backyard shortly thereafter. I'd park this out front. Of everything.

Ink: this month's Country Roads features my dip into the world of African American blues fiddlers, particularly Butch Cage and Cedric Watson and OffBeat has my profile of blues dynamo Eden Brent, performing at Chickie Wah-Wah in New Orleans on April 14.

Spotted at the Old State Capitol yesterday. The story of Huey P. Long is a true walk on the wild side.

Jerri asked Maya to pull up "Satellite of Love" on YouTube and Maya asked, "Is it by Lau Reed?",  rhyming with "cow." I'm tempted to pronounce it that way from here on out.

Here's a version attributed Morrissey, though it really sounds more like whosit from Psychedleic Furs. Richard Butler.

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