Monday, April 16, 2012

lightbulb clicking on

Paper vs. iPad: Who is the more orange? Maya is all about origami now, a process that will unfold before you in reverse.

Bill Janovitz, The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St.
Black Dice, Mr. ImpossibleGonjasufi + Humansuit "Lawnmower Man" produced by Flying Lotus. 
Tickley Feather, Tickley Feather
Prince Rama, Utopia = No Reason
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus, LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus
Black Dice, Beaches & Canyons

I bought the Kindle 33 1/3 book on Exile on Main St. for $.99 as part of the other day's Kindle Daily Deal. I also bought the one about Highway 61 Revisited. Scoff at coupon schemes and Amazon if you must - I do - but I did actually pay money for digital content his weekend, even if it wasn't that much money. I don't buy anything but coffee and sandwiches if I can get away with it. Anyhoo, Exile on Main St. is pretty good at 8% of the way in. The first lightbulb clicking on was that the way they recorded "Stray Cat Blues" was inspired by Velvet Underground's "Heroin". You forget that artists live on a timeline and that things overlap outside of history's tidy compartmentalizing.

Taking form.

I took the resident District 12 tribute to go see Hunger Games. We both liked it albeit agreeing that they must have been trying to kill off the tributes with boredom and anxiety for the first hour. Also, I had to wonder if Donald Sutherland believed that children were actually being killed in the arena. Like, did he approach an assistant director and volunteer to kill one himself and a gaffer had to discretely direct his attentions elsewhere as he grumbled "Keifer gets to kill people in his show...". It's grand fun and not at all karmically-risky to speculate on the delusions of the aged.

Compartmentalizing. Also: sunbleached. Origami is winning the battle for orange-ness.

On that note, happy 50th birthday, Ian MacKaye! I interviewed him back in 2008 for the Believer, partially available here. He was a little worn out from doing two phone interviews just before I called, but took a minute to walk around the block and came back like a champ. Music is no joke, people.

Today's whole playlist has been like a spa treatment on the rim of a black hole. Prince Rama will knock yr charkrahs right in line. Single mom lo-fi project Tickley Feather might've made me mist up a little with desperate sweetness. I want all slapdash album covers in the future to look like that in the "Lawnmower Man" video. Zola Jesus is the Internet's imaginary spooky college girlfriend, giving You the Listener a moment of her time. I love the new Black Dice album, Mr. Impossible. I might have once considered their Beaches & Canyons my favorite record. I wrote a long piece about them once at good old outsideleft. I just checked and I'm still listed as music editor and my login still works; I might just have to write something over there soon. I might have done or will do a lot of things in this paragraph. Dance with the one that brung ya.

My friend Bill giving Maya an origami lesson up at Highland Coffees. 

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