Wednesday, March 14, 2012

your Wednesday afternoon music suggestion session

Leo Wyndham, "Veins" (via his Bandcamp site; hat tip to Augusta Wind)
Delta Spirit, Delta Spirit
Lindsey Buckingham, Gift of Screws
Steve Earle, Live at the BBC
Lucero, Women & Work
(streaming at JamBase)
Lee Fields & the Impressions, Faithful Man (hat tip to Todd Gautreaux) and My World (Instrumentals)

Let's get this show rolling with Mr. Leo Wyndham, blowing in on the request line from sunny Germany c/o Miss Augusta Wind. Pretty sure that is her real name.

Delta Spirit, "Tear it Up" off Delta Spirit

I was going to say the new album by Delta Spirit sounds like a fussy Lindsey Buckingham record

Lindsey Buckingham, "Great Day" off Gift of Screws

until I listened to a fussy Lindsey Buckingham record. No record is as fussy as a fussy Lindsey Buckingham record. Maya is up at the office today because school was canceled today - a mass of teachers called in sick so they could protest the Jindal administration's proposed changes to the Louisiana public school system. I don't want to get into it much deeper than saying I believe in public education, and less importantly, perhaps, that Lindsey Buckingham is great music by which to check math worksheets.

Lucero, "Juniper" off Women & Work

I never could get into Lucero before, too Young Man Earnest, lemme-tell-ya-about-me-boots-and-whiskey of a band. Suffering the alt-country fever which invariably can only be cured when your alt-country band happens upon some synthesizers and tries to sound like ELO. Thier new album sounds all the world like a Reigning Sound record, which is likely why I like it. The general consensus among Luceroites that it is has diverted heavily from the script. Same for this new Delta Spirit record. There are times in the past when that kind of thing has bothered me - a part of me is still holding out for Wilco to make AM II - but really, we all move on and find something else to do.

Lee Fields & the Expressions " You're the Kind of Girl" off Faithful Man

Toddy G. From Dallas TX, mastermind behind his own luminous band Crushed Stars sent me sailing into the neo-retro-soul of Lee Fields and that sent me further into the instrumental sister album to Mr. Fields' My World.

Lee Fields & the Expressions, "Money I$ King (instrumental) off My World (Instrumentals)

This concludes your Wednesday afternoon music suggestion session. 'Til next time, be good to each other and be good to your self.

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