Thursday, March 8, 2012

rabbit hole

I updated my iPhone's to iOS5.1 and though I don't quite know what the camera button on the lock screen does since it doesn't, like, take a picture, it seems like a bright new world anyway.

Eric Chenaux, Guitar & Voice
Robbie Basho, Bonn Ist Supreme
Henry Flynt, Hillbilly Tape Music
Peter Grudzien, Album No. One (in two sides): The Unicorn
Mark Fry, Dreaming with Alice
Van Dyke Parks, Discover America

No matter where I start the day, I can easily find myself spiraling down to some hidden corner of 1972.

Mark Fry, "The Witch"

Right next to the Gil Scott-Heron memoir on my living room table is Rob Young's Electric Eden, a detailed, obsessive account of "England's Visionary Music"  -  a rabbit hole from which I suspect I will never emerge.

American visionary music form Van Dyke Parks

Speaking of rabbit holes, I wrote a chapter for the new book. Not the first chapter I wrote, but the first one formatted right and put in the "book chapter" folder. Boom!

Henry Flynt, "Leather High in A"

Oh, wait! The camera button slides the phone open into camera mode so you don't stand there like a stupe waiting for your revolutionary lifestyle device to figure itself out while an amazing photo opportunity ducks right out of sight. Nice!

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