Friday, March 2, 2012

(meth boogie jams for space aliens)

Pell Mell , Marburg (Not the moody indie rock 90's instrumental Pell Mell, a different Pell Mell. One of exuberant hippie jams from the 70's)
Eire Apparent, Sun Rise (Norther Irish hippie rock featuring Jimi Hendrix on a couple of tracks)
Pussy, Plays (another hippie rock band, info about which is pretty much impossible to search for at the office )
Tractor, Tractor (meth boogie jams for space aliens)
Zior, Zior (the dudes that sell meth to space aliens)

Pell Mell, "The Clown and the Queen"

Eire Apparent, "The Clown"

Pussy, "We Built the Sun". The whole album is pretty amazing, actually. Dig "Comets" if you dare.

Tractor, "All Ends Up"

Zior, "Quabala"

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