Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The boundary between thing and not-the-thing

Maya soaked an egg in jar of vinegar for a couple days until its shell dissolved and it became this alien rubbery thing on which a camera cannot focus. The boundary between thing and not-the-thing has been obscured! By science!

Monday afternoon:
Various Artists, The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol. One and Two
That Super Morrissey Bros. "This Charming Man" mashup thing
Lightning Bolt,
Ride the Skies
No Age,
Everything In Between
Atlas Sound,
Parallax and Logos

Crushed Stars, In the Bright Rain (New album by my old friend Todd Gautreaux's band, spinning at Spinner)
White Rabbits, Milk Famous
Wire, Pink Flag
Prom Date, Prom Date EP
(via their Bandcamp site)
Ratatat, LP4
Rush, Moving Pictures
Helmet, Meantime
Queens of the Stone Age, Rated R

I'm going to be on the Jim Engtser Show, Wednesday morning at 9am CST to discuss my book Louisiana Saturday Night. 89.3 FM in baton Rouge, wrkf.org worldwide.

image (1)
Then, she poked it with a fork and it exploded! Take that, "things"!

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