Friday, January 20, 2012

request for a Mountain Goats/Coldplay mashup

I woke up with both the Mountain Goats "No Children" and Coldplay's "Clocks" in my head, perhaps soundtracking the dream I had where I was supposed to sing a song in a play with my daughter. Typical to logistical planning with a 10-year-old, she reminded me of the play the night before and had complete confidence that I had my act together, and typical to me, I'd forgotten that I signed up to sing a song and didn't know what song it was or anything. I flurried around the set before the show bothering people who'd spent months rehearsing if they had the words or even knew what song it was, but they were all busy with their parts. The ones they were prepared and qualified to perform. I wondered aloud in the dream why I was even being allowed to participate.

Subtle, brain. The generalized fear of being discovered to be a fraud is so fun. It makes for uneventful drama with a flatter ending, when it actually has one. I wish in the dream I'd decided to sing "No Children"  in front of all the parents sitting uncomfortably in metal chairs in the school auditorium, or, at least brought down the house with a stirring rendition of "Clocks." One of the bands at Maya's big Black Diamond concert last December did so, stage lights in full dramatic swing, and I cried a little. It was touching, seeing band after band really lean into to these empty bubble pop songs, filling them up with their lives. But no, I fretted in my dream and woke up before I could see what happened.

So, I hereby issue this request for a Mountain Goats/Coldplay mashup of these two songs. Give my lousy dreams some meaning, lend some purpose to those brain cells flaring up in the anxious void of my subconscious. I'd do it if I was any good at that sort of thing.

I'm going to see the Mountain Goats in New Orleans this weekend. Maybe they'll hear this plea and work it out on stage.

The windup playlist (to be updated until we go)
The Mountain Goats, Tallahassee
Badly Drawn Boy, About a Boy soundtrack

The Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
Arthur Allgood, I Have Not Seen The Wind (d/l-able from his Facebook page)
The Mountain Goats, Ghana
Fred Eaglesmith, Indiana Road
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Beware

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