Thursday, January 5, 2012


The library window was doing crazy stuff while I was trying to finish my editing!

Aphex Twin, Richard D. James Album
USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra, Sibelius: Pelleas and Melissande

MGMT, Congratulations (twice)

XTC, Nonsuch
MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
and Congratulations (twice more)
The Flaming Lips & Yoko Ono, EP from their NYE show (streaming at Death and Taxes)
Guided By Voices, Let's Go Eat the Factory (streaming at NPR)
Bon Iver, Bon Iver
  • I played MGMT for Maya (10)  and she shrugged, "I've heard this record before. Like a long time ago."
  • I wish someone'd given me a swift kick to straighten me out on MGMT. I had it in my head all this time I hated them ever so much. I wonder who I really hated and misdirected it onto them. To think, there's a perfectly hate-able band that I've not despised all this time.
  • I turned in my final proof corrections and the index, like just now. It was like folding a paper boat and sending it downstream and watching it bob and weave and suddenly realize, hmm, that was some rather important paper you just made that boat out of.
  • I'm going to go see Gregg Allman tomorrow night. I also just looked up the word "lacuna" after seeing it on Twitter and realizing I didn't really know what it means. If I knew what more words meant, I could probably connect the dots between the two.
  • If you were watching ESPNU at around 4PM CST yesterday and were thinking, man, the enormous head of that incredibly handsome man is taking up the shot in this great little clip about LSU's Digital Media Initiative, that handsome man would be me. I understand that is a very specific set of circumstances, so for those of you outside that demographic, it will be on again Jan. 21.

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