Monday, January 30, 2012

grocery store roses


We put a lava lamp in the music room to enhance the grooviness


Troll Hunter


The Rolling Stones, Aftermath

The Libertines, Up the Bracket
Edward P. Jones, The Known World


The Monkees, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

Louisiana Saturday Night Spotify playlist
Mount Analogue, Observations and Motion
Wye Oak, Civilian

I put together a

Louisiana Saturday Night playlist

of Cajun, zydeco, blues, New Orleans music and swamp pop as it appears in the book. There's a lot of stuff I want to include that isn't on Spotify, but it gets the idea across.

A giveaway for the book is to be staged through this very website, as soon as I get the details sorted.


I had lunch at the stockyard and then watched a cattle auction, all as part of an assignment. Nothing will make your face itch more than an auctioneer babbling numbers in the $900 range. Look for the tale in the March issue of

Country Roads

and find out if I inadvertently bought a cow or not.


The camellias are at a full rage just out our back step. There is a wall of them separating us from the neighbors, really one of my favorite things about our house. They got in my dreams - I was in a room in my house where I saw a small blond leather version of a camellia on a long stem like grocery store roses. When I picked it up to look at it, another appeared in its place, and then every time I turned my head, there were more and more, stacked up in piles so the leather flower whorls pointed out, until they filled up the whole room.


Used to be, if someone would ask me what kind of movies I like, I'd say I don't really like movies, but now I'll say the kind of movies I like is Troll Hunter.


Maya is teaching me to play drums, part of a twofold plan involving  1) learning to play drums and 2) doing a parenting half-nelson to get her to practice, and she is actually really good at putting a musical idea across. Like she's patient, but not infinitely so, which is pretty much my approach to teaching. And everything.

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