Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We should all hope for such a future

Super 8
Radiohead, Amnesiac
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
John Digweed, Structures Two
Faust, From the Frozen South
Sapat, Mortise and Tenon
Monoshock, Walk to the Fire
Acid Mothers Temple, Mantra of Love
Sunn O))), Black One
  • Super 8 is great! I hate movies and I love this one, so I don't know what that says exactly. You see it all coming, it is a shameless reshuffle of past Spielberg themes and tricks, down to floating bicycles. It is emotionally manipulative, laden with jaw-dropping effects - like I looked over at Maya during one stretch and her jaw was actually dropped. Total triumph of movie-going.
  • I feel the kinda the same about Cloud Atlas. See my Goodreads review
  • I missed my deadline for the Record Crate this week so, Baton Rouge: go see Rodney Crowell at the Red Dragon on Saturday, and maybe the singer-songwriter gods will time it so you can go see James McMurtry at the Spanish Moon later that evening.

  • Here is McMurtry's "Choctaw Bingo", the greatest song ever written.
  • The photo at the top of this post is of a photo on the wall of Jay's Bar-B-Q. We should all hope for such a future. And I would normally tell you to get the pork po-boy but I had a bite of the club sandwich and, dude. Club sandwich.

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