Tuesday, June 14, 2011


David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
Shape Shift HD
How I Met Your Mother
Fucked Up, David Comes to Life
The Byrds, Greatest Hits
Owl City, All Things Bright and Beautiful
Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney II
Morton Feldman, Neither

Charlemagne Palestine, Voxorgachitectronumputer

Cloud Atlas mentions the word amanuensis: certain persons performing a function by hand, either writing down the words of another or performing manual labour.

I've never watched Mother before some marathon running in the background last night while I finished up some articles and sure, I'm off the wavelength of the contemporary sitcom, instead tuned into bad reality TV and barely following HBO history/drama - I can better delineate the nuances among the clans of Real Housewives than I can the seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones, though who isn't thrilled that Peter Dinklage gets a great role that is more about his voice than his height, and shit, when are the ladies all just going to be thankful to Luann for taking them to Morrocco - but, man, Mother is awful. Willow, Doogie, Andropolis - how can you do this? to us? to yourselves? You all once had a sense of how to do TV. Makes me glad I've never watched an episode of Three and a Half Men so Ducky can remain Ducky in my mind.

Trying to channel Maya's river of love for the Beatles into suitable tributaries is like waving those little orange directional cones at an approaching glacier. Go Left! No! Left!. Pointless. Whatever, the Byrds are so lovely and they came up in one of her Beatles books, so here it is.

"5D" is so good and it gets better when it gets cooking.

Has Los Lobos ever done a version of "So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star?" If not, may this utterance conjure it.

While getting my hair cut, the biker lady that does it and I were talking about cancer because that's what it's come too, talking about cancer at the beauty parlor, and the biker lady said, "It's a shame when the self no longer recognizes the self." Chew on that while you conduct the passage of ice floes and dream about being rock stars.

Morton Feldman's Neither, with text by Samuel Beckett

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