Friday, June 3, 2011

God will notice in His Grand Periphery

Look how sweet the Nature looks reflected off the iPad! It's like Nature is its own app!

Thomas McGuayne, Driving on the Rim
The Shadows of Knight, Gloria
The Gurus, The Swing of Things
Hoodoo Gurus, Mars Needs Guitars!
Twilight Singers, Dynamite Steps
Richard Youngs, Airs of the Ear
My Morning Jacket, Circuital

  • iPad + wireless keyboard makes everything all better.
  • If they could just get normal websites worked out it would be even betterer.
  • Though now I'm wondering if I can switch between applications.
  • Typed out using the keyboard with my phone, emailed to myself and then plugged in here with that same keyboard:
    Ok now this is cool that I can do this in my iphone notes. I really could have typed my book on my phone though it would have looked a little ridiculous, though I suppose the future always looks a little ridiculous from the present. Look at those flashy jumpsuits with lightning bolts and and blinking lights and antennae and shit. Stupid, right? Not when you are on a space walk. Not when you are being bombarded by torrents of radioactive particles. Not when you are a talking money (Edited to add: Ha!) monkey,  hubristically augmented so that you can linger at the rim of The Singularity. What hilarious things that monkey is doing, God will notice in His Grand Periphery until He squints and sees His image in that little fishbowl helmet with the blinking lights and the antennae. Then it won't seem that ridiculous. Then Everyone will be All, What have I/they/We done?
  • Using things the way you are supposed to use things is easy. Using them in any other way involves being an expert circus juggler, which looks cool, or being a bumbler who has to learn to juggle right there in front of everybody, which is less cool.

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