Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goo Vader

Happy Father's Day from Goo Vader. Maya made goo at Harry Potter Camp and dug out the Star Wars pancake molds from a birthday long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. I don't think she had any conscious context going here, but surely this isn't the first projection of Darth Vader imagery onto Father's Day.

Yesterday we waited for an hour to sunburn the holy hell out of ourselves at the new water park. They have a "lazy river" running through it, though a fella can pick up a fair speed on an out-of-control innertube and end up accidentally sticking ones feet on countless teenagers and moms conned into taking a bunch of kids to the water park. One Larry David moment after another. Once you ditch the innertubes and acquiesce to teeming humanity and the suns rage against out tender flesh, it's pretty fun. Killer snack shop. For real, much better than a local parks commission water park could get away with being.

Shit got real at the Quidditch match during the TWO AND ONE HALH HOUR closing ceremonies of Harry Potter Camp. I was afraid Stonedragon was gonna go all Vancouver on us if they'd lost. This was their seventh and last year - I guess it was one per book (tidy!) - and there were plays and wizard dueling battles and lots of heartfelt speeches. Harry Potter Camp is sweet as hell. I suppose I felt as strongly about Star Wars as kids feel about Harry Potter + there is a Nerd Power aspect to it that Star Wars eschews for tried-and-true Disney princess business, so cool. Two and a half hours, though.

Goo Yoda. Friday afternoon at the office I had to explain to someone who the Yardbirds were.

The Yardbirds, Five Live
The Who, Live at Leeds
Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Unknown Mortal Orchestra
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
Finding Bigfoot

We are, as a family, all about Finding Bigfoot on Animal Panet. Pulling for Bobo, Rusty and Ranae to get their squatch. Cloud Atlas is a dizzying pyramid of a novel withe a giant Illuminati/Sauron eyeball watching as you reach each summit and stare unbelieving at the climb to the next. Fatherhood is a little like all that.

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  1. Audrey, our five-year-old, is obsessed with Finding Bigfoot. She likes it more than the UFO shows on the History Channel.
    She grabbed me Sunday after seeing a commerical for that night's episode and said, "Daddy, they have a picture of a Sasquatch!"
    So much for the Disney princesses.