Friday, June 17, 2011

talk "epiphany"

Nico Muhly, Seeing is Believing streaming at NPR
James Joyce, Ulysses
French soldier picking flowers during the Phoney War.

  • I started reading the free Project Gutenberg Ulysses today because it is Bloomsday, just like when I started it last year. And next year. I liked it better this year, if that counts for anything.
  • The best thing I read today, though, was about the Phoney War, a six-month period at the beginning of WWII where war was declared but fighting had yet to commence. The Germans called it der Sitzkreig. Oh, war puns.
  • I ate an insane gourmet foie gras "PB&J" for dinner as part of a story and ate a real PB&J for lunch. They both cast their own epiphanies.
  • An unrelated epiphany is that sometimes I hate writing, and then I do it and then I don't hate it as and then I write some more and hate it even less and sometimes I get to where I love it, and sometimes it's a zero-sum game.
  • We are supposed to talk "epiphany" when we talk Ulysses, right? Is that what it's about? Truth be told, I am more into the deep gibberish of Finnegans Wake and the perfect language of "The Dead" - I have a crow to pluck with you. That's a line that runs riverrun around everything else.

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