Monday, March 15, 2010

a pretty thin fantasy

Yeasayer - Odd Blood (lala)
The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace (lala)
The Go-Betweens - Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express (lala)

It could not be more gorgeous out. Even through the broken, painted-shut prism of my office window I can bask in Spring's adoration.

More on Chronic City, which I reviewed here: I've yet to tackle Infinite Jest or any of those massive Pynchon books but I gather that Chronic City is an NYC-ized send-up/homage/shot at being one of those, and I wonder if being in on the joke would make Chronic better or worse. There are a number of open digs as Jest throughout it. Maybe this will be the year I give IJ a shot. I pulled the sample down to my phone; if I get through that then I might just spring for the whole thing.

I thought the same thing about Yeasayer, except I was in on the original endless techno-pop with souls being poured out like fresh mixed Sherwin-Williams over a brittle framework of synth settings and beats, and sure it looks good when you step back but so does anything with a fresh coat of paint.

Which led me to this, next in queue from Friday's late night playlist.

See, if I was writing Chronic City, I would've replaced the harried-yet-author-adoring publishing types with a doppelganger of Fall frontman Mark E. Smith, slipping the hapless, bumbling "me" in the story mix tapes of obscure German post-punk bands and sci-fi diatribes, making me part of his gang. We would have a band together where we would do a million overlong songs that sounded exactly like "Cruiser's Creek" which is a pretty thin fantasy*, so I guess it's a good thing I stay clear of fiction.

* except in my fantasy, it would be discovered that I possess a singular acuity on the guitar for weaving serpents through the thickets of my hero's verbiage, which in turn only makes the fantasy thinner.

** If I do start reading Infinite Jest, the blog footnoote thing will get immediately and unnecessarily out of hand.

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