Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good as hell

Drive By Truckers - The Big To-Do (out March 16) and A Blessing and a Curse (lala)
Neil Young - On the Beach (alternate version) (ROOT BLOG)

The new Drive By-Truckers is good as hell, full to the brim with whores and losers and guitars and everything that always makes me feel that way about their records because they always are. I even love poor old A Blessing and a Curse, the one you aren't supposed to like as much, and not just because I wrote the promo one-sheet for it in a brief fit of commercialism. It's good as hell too. On these three songs alone it's a great record.

I just listened to it while breaking my first real Louisiana sweat of the year on a mile walk each way to talk to a loan officer, a fitting situation in which to assess the merits of a DBT record, and A Blessing and a Curse totally holds up. More on The Big To-Do coming soon.

I don't know how alternative a bootleg of live version is, but whatever, this alternative On the Beach is good as hell too. "Revolution Blues" has been stuck in my head since I first heard it about a decade ago. This pre-album version from 1974 is included on the collection

The above photo is me at the incrementally more shambolic Union Barber Shop before getting my haircut; it strikes me as a "Neil Young" kinda picture. I walked out of there looking markedly less "shakey."

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