Sunday, March 14, 2010

the most appropriate Mickey's big mouth cap

The St.Patrick's Day Parade left its green detritus all over Baton Rouge this weekend. We are about as Irish a town as we are Venusian but it still manages to be a great parade. In order: (1) the good beads. I saw a variant of the flag one that had rebel flags instead of generic Irish on a few of the marchers. (2) the #1 catcher of good beads in action stance. (3) best green wig utilization of the day. (4) East St. John high school's marching kit, which looked and sounded like brass knuckles, and (5) the most appropriate Mickey's big mouth cap opened by yours truly at the post-parade crawfish boil.

The thing I like best about this parade is that for some reason, the marching bands get to cut a little loose. Here is Scotlandville Magnet getting their WhoDat on

and another school going from batshit to Phil Collins at the blow of a whistle

In other news I finally finished Chronic City. Goodbye Perkus Tooth, Good night Chase Insteadman. It was a fun ride but I am gonna go read some other books now. My detailed impressions are up on Goodreads.

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