Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monument to Temptation

The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (lala)

I call the above readymade/performance/sculpture work Monument to Temptation. Tell me you don't want to immediately give that bag a kick, scattering shredded paperwork all over that just-vacuumed hallway.

I haven't listened to Emotional Rescue in its entirety since the early 80's, if ever. I remember a friend of mine swiped his dad's copy but we preferred the predominate monument to temptation taht was Tattoo You. Another friend's grandma left his copy of it in her unshaded car to purposely warp it past playability because the priest said the Stones were evil.

This disco Stones were far better than disco KISS or anybody else's awkward disco phase. Try to imagine how anemic and forced a disco Beatles tune would sound had they too dragged past their expiration date.

and their terrible reggae dalliances are never as terrible as most other bands' terrible reggae dalliances.

Hubris, that's why I love the Stones. They write hubris across their chests in glitter pens and snake blood and it looks sexy.

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