Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prepare the boats!

Jack DeJohnette - Sorcery (lala)
Frog Eyes - Ego Scriptor (lala)
Sandy Bull - Still Valentine's Day, 1969: Live at the Matrix, San Fransisco (lala)
Sparklehorse + Fennesz - In the Fishtank 15 (lala)

I love the way Mr. Frog Eyes dangles babbling at the end of his rope. Just as I typed that sentence and admired it, I looked up to see a childhood poem about vikings from the recently opened David Foster Wallace archives coming through the wires (via The Awl).

The human condition is one grisly segue after another it seems. Witness the above massive fire my wife and I spied from River Road on a lunch trip to Roberto's. The road twists back and forth with the river, so it seemed like we were perpetually about to be about on top of it. At one point we could see the flames lapping the tree line. Prepare the boats! We will listen to our Sandy Bull tapes like the people in Chronic City and make our escape from the smoke. And watch out for Vikings!

Though the light is taking its time
Who you questioned in the blue-black dirt?

Should no catastrophes transpire, Baton Rouge is lousy with shaggy, indie rock opportunity this week. This is your moment to get a touring rock star to sleep on your floor. You can make it happen. Here are some of the highlights laid out on this week's installment of the Record Crate blog for 225 magazine.


  1. Man, I was really wishing that this was going to be about the blessing of the fleet.

  2. I believe the fire you saw was a controlled blaze at the LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute near River Road. They gave me quite a start when I first moved to Baton Rogue, as I saw them regularly on my drive home from work up Burbank.