Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't surprise Joey Meatballs

The view through the sunroof of our new car! Goodbye hoopty love! Hello, sunroof dalliance!

Joey Meatballs, the guy that sold it to us, kept us company through the arcane business of giving some faceless bank a lot of money with ever-spiralling stories of his Italian upbringin' in New Yawk. At one point he glanced out the window at a tan Saturn in the customer lot and rhapsodized about his dear departed mother who drove that exact car. He had to carry her in his arms to that last hospital visit. A few weeks after she passed, Joey Meatballs had a dream:
I was at my parents house in Brooklyn, an I was in the shower, I don't know why I was in the shower, but anyways my mother comes in and she's looking gorgeous with the red hair and everything and I'm was all "Ma! What are you doing here, I'm in the shower!" and she says "Joey, I was scared that day, but I'm alright now."
He also related that he too loves Disney World, and does not like to be surprised. "Man, if I get surprised, I hit. Like I don't want to, but it happens. You surprise me, I hit." Moral of the story: don't surprise Joey Meatballs, unless it's in a dream.

We got satellite radio too. Best car-buying experience ever.

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