Monday, March 29, 2010

I want to be Dee D. Jackson's backup singer.

Dee D. Jackson - "Automatic Lover"

20 SciFi Disco Videos That Were Made By Insane People (link)

I want to be Dee D. Jackson's backup singer and watch her fly around like a dove from within my robotic shell. You say insane, I say visionary. For instance, this is what's it gonna be like in my house all the time in the future, applause included.

The Droids - "The Force'

And if you want to know how I stay so fit...

Koto - "Jabdah"

OK I'll stop. It does bring me once again to the greatest all-time synthesizer medley from the 1985 Grammys featuring Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Herbie Hancock. I do plan, in the future, to control things with touch pad portables while wearing an Amadeus wig, along side Stevie Wonder if he's down.

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