Monday, March 15, 2010


Pantha du Prince - Black Noise (lala)
Sandy Bull - E Pluribus Unum (lala)
She & Him - Volume Two (streaming at NPR)

The above photo is of my lunch of "Tiger Sushi" and a key component of my review of the new Pantha Du Prince record up at outsideleft. Sandy Bull was a key component of Chronic City, soundtracking metaphysical goosechases not unlike that in the previously linked review. "No Deposit-No Return Blues," in Mr. Bull's hands, is the sound of one hand riffing, the playing to hear one's playing, maybe even the spirit nature of the blues, echoing on the walls of one's troubled mind. In response to the Facebook status that triggered the review, this is the kind of music I like to code to, a chasing of it's own kind of goose.

Zooey Deschanel, the lovely and talented She of She & Him does a terse but perfect turn as Mary Todd Lincoln in the hilarious new episode of Drunk History, now embedded within the otherwise not-so-hilarious HBO series Funny or Die, seen below.

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