Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the Squirrel of Destiny

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (listen) It's been two years now, probably about the right time for me to stop hating MGMT and finally latch onto it. Plus after listening to nearly 8 hours of Alan Lomax in Haiti yesterday burbling away in the background, everything I put on is going to sound hopelessly unauthentic and plasticine. This first track is kinda hitting me where I live right now: we walked up to the usual coffee shop for an unusual kid-free morning to find that a squirrel had been nibbling on the wires and had just taken out the power.

The regulars stumbled out, surrounding the poor splayed thing. One of the baristas was half on her phone, "My dad is a rehabilitation veterinarian and he looks like he's still....yeah Dad, um, there was a squirrel...." and I am thinking yeah, Dad, there is a dead squirrel. "Time to Pretend" indeed.

But yeah, I was thinking man, this sounds tribal and dense and thick and maybe I've been wrong about those Brooklyn kids all along, they really are onto something when I realized it sounded that way because I had left iTunes on, and it was playing this at the same time:

Illachime Quartet - Illachime Quartet (via MUTANT SOUNDS) some diffuse Italian weirdo jazz I'd downloaded moths ago and promptly forgot about. And then just as I tried to remedy the situation to see what anything sounds like, Rhapsody gave out. It's like the Squirrel of Destiny was feeding me my own wires, making me second-guess my second guesses. Maybe that barista's dad should come look into this when he gets done with the wire nibbler, or maybe now I know the true meaning of "Electric Feel."

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