Monday, November 9, 2009

not waiting for a third

Maserati - Passages (listen) Jerry Fuchs from Maserati passed away this weekend from a fall down an elevator shaft. I met him briefly after a rather stellar appearance by the band here in Baton Rouge, and one of my good friends was very good friends with him, spent many hours in a van driving the band all over the country. Kickass drummer and beloved by many.

Donald Harington passed away this weekend. He was an Arkansas author who I have not read but that I knew through his full page ads in the Oxford American. I always thought those ads were a smart move; don't wait to be known, make yourself known, but I understand his books can back up such introductions. Friends of mine were close to him as well, and I am not claiming to feel their grief or anything, I am just saying this because what is there to say?

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