Thursday, November 19, 2009

love me, love my friends, love my record collection

Fred Weaver - Those Ancient Skies...Came Sweeping Wide (MySpace) - Fred is a good friend of mine, but I put 75% of my innate nepotism aside in recommending his music. I was thinking strident, strained, and (a)stringent this morning and Fred appeared in that Google search of the spirit.

Silver Scooter - The Blue Law (MySpace) These guys have an album called "Orleans Parish" so it seems I though I should have some local cognition of them, but MySpace puts them in Austin, and their sound has them square in the Grandaddy/Fountains of Wayne/Apples in Stereo camp of low-simmer "love me, love my friends, love my record collection" rock. Which is where I am this morning.

Brooke Waggoner - Go Easy Little Doves (listen) and, as if on cue, my former upstairs neighbor of just 5 years ago or so Brooke Waggoner is getting the kinds of accolades from sites on my RSS feed that imply readers should already know her name and style. Nice work, and nice record too. She should sing the princess themes for the hipper versions of Disney films.

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