Friday, November 6, 2009

I can be all, "Yeah, but..."

Doug Kershaw - Douglas James Kershaw (listen) I'm glad to have gone down this Doug Kershaw road, so next time someone is going on and on about the active ingredients in Gram Parsons, I can be all, "Yeah, but..." with Doug kershaw, the Cosmic Cajun. It's a lame pleasure to do so, but a pleasure nonetheless.

Dirk Powell - Time Again (listen) Ditto for cross-cultural fiddler Dirk Powell who stretches a high wire from the Appalachian hills to the corner of Christine Balfa's triangle - he learned mountain fiddle from his grandpa in Ashland, Kentucky married Christine Balfa, noted Cajun triangle player and started Balfa Tojours with her. That's all I meant by that. And this album, ancient songs interwoven with boasts and stories, is what this music (any maybe any music) is really supposed to be like.

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