Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 things, 3 of them referencing Spock girl

  1. The Chinese Japanese spam machine is still all over the 5 things I said a couple of months ago.
  2. We got the new Star Trek movie from NetFlix and my daughter piped in that she wanted to watch it. We told her it is different from Star Wars, not quite as "exciting," I guess, but she's into it. She revealed herself to be a Spock girl immediately, which as a dad is a relief. An attraction to passive-aggressive, emotionally detached know-it-all's has its downsides but the appeal of bare-chested, flying kick cavaliers perpetually getting in trouble is cliche.
  3. The book is progressing slowly, like an iceberg melting as I chip at its surface. Any minute now I'm going to hit a watery pocket and will have to handle the flood.
  4. The meat pies from Bergeron's are the supreme personality of ground meat, spices and pie crust fried to golden perfection godhead. Hiccup spicy, but the aforementioned Spock girl put some sour cream on hers and rendered it even more amazing. Her logic in this matter was Vulcan sound.
  5. Spock girl has also been taking drum lessons once a week for a while and is getting pretty good. I keep joking that we are going to form a garage rock family band duo (maybe we can work in a Star Trek theme into it) to play at the farmer's market (or the convention scene), but truthfully, I am going to have to step up my game on guitar soon if I really want that to happen.

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  1. When you guys go on tour I have a place in DC for you to play. Try playing the Ramones with her!