Wednesday, September 17, 2008

[The Record Crate] We Apologize for the Interruption in Service

We apologize for the interruption in service, but the power is finally back on at The Record Crate. For the past two weeks I cycled through a playlist of limbs hitting the ground, generators buzzing through the night a couple houses down, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, and the announcers on WJBO trying to maintain sanity, both theirs and ours.

If I may blow my own horn a bit, I have a piece in this month's Oxford American citing the cultural tipping point I've experienced in Baton Rouge over the past three years, and as I read my copy by flashlight, trying to catch a slight breeze, I kept hoping that we as a city would not fall into our past entropic habits and let our progress rot like a pile of oak tree limbs out by the road.

From what I see, we bounced back fine, with the best young Cajun band in the world Pine Leaf Boys and reunited local favorites The Kenmores gracing our stages this week. Not to mention Flogging Molly, the best thing to happen to Irish music since The Pogues. But the event that I find the most inspiring is the homegrown Ivanhoe Music Fest taking place on Ivanhoe Street just north of the LSU campus. As of this writing, the lineup is as follows:

Ivanhoe Fest

Saturday, Sept. 20

Noon - Torn & Frayed

1 p.m. - Charles Brooks

2 p.m. - The Promise Breakers

3 p.m. - Polly Pry (Formerly The Casuals)

4 p.m. - You and Me Got Faces

5 p.m. - The Tellers

6 p.m. - Brass Bed

7 p.m. - Hollywood Blues

8 p.m. - Righteous Buddha

9 p.m. - Black Sound Parade

Sunday Sept. 21

Noon - Ryan Lake & Friends

1 p.m. - An Empire at Sea

2 p.m. - Who By Fire

3 p.m. - Hilbun & The Homewreckers

4 p.m. - Smiley with a Knife

5 p.m. - We Landed on the Moon!

6 p.m. - k-flux

7 p.m. - Elsah

8 p.m. - Man Plus Building

9 p.m. - Lingus

This is a chance to not only see what Baton Rouge can do (besides win a football game), but to be a participant in it. Culture is by definition a living thing so go out and live it, especially in this nice weather we've been having.

Link with local events calendar

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