Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 Impending Things

  1. I have been working on my resume for the first time in about two years, in that I have to apply for the job I currently have in what hopefully will be a simple lateral paperwork thing. I can work some paper, even do origami should the situation call for it.
  2. This weekend is booked with the Oxford American parties where there will be pressing of flesh and the acknowledging of mutual genius and the furtive eyeing through the lens of obscure competition at The Ogden Museum on Thursday and at Tipitina's (NOTE: it moved to the uptown location) on Saturday night.
  3. I just got the Lou Reed Berlin Live disc for review and man, it is really good, and not just in an I-worship-Lou-Reed (which-I-do) way but as a dutiful and impassioned recontextualization of an already difficult to process album. I wondered how he was going to treat "The Kids" a song that kills me every time on the original album, and well, lets just say he does a very good job with it. Antony Hagerty and Lou Reed might be my favorite duet partners, each sitting on on side of how Reed sounded thirty years ago, taking the ends to greater heights than was then possible, or something. Review forthcoming closer to the date, after I get the accompanying DVD directed by Julian Schnabel who made the smart move of stopping trying to become Rauschenberg to try becoming Scorcese.
  4. The Louisiana Book Festival is a week away, about which I am stoked.
  5. The sickening flow of the election and the stock market mess (and the dismay that I am such a low-baller that it hasn't had any real tangible effect on me...yet) and everything has blown a wind into the red flag that apprently has been hanging limp from a stick planted in my heart. I looked up whether Jimmy Carter was wealthy before becoming President (he did alright) and have been moved to make political declarations on message boards, an activity I usually consider a succinct example of folly. Perhaps it is the breaking of summer by the twinge of fall that inspires this change of colors.

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