Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm in Heaven When You Smile

I mean, generally I am, but right now because I am sitting by the
fountain at the mall charging my phone at a maintenance outlet next to
a loudspeaker blaring the Van Morrison song containing the title of
this post. And because Maya just came running over when The Beatles
"All My Loving" came on and said the singer sounds like
Jason from Home Movies, with the stopped up nose and he totally does.
Heaven and smiling.

No power at home yet but the vague promise of tree trucks and lights
in rhe neighborhood over may yield more smiling.

Some guys are coming to saw up and haul off the Ragnarok in my back
yard, and we are forming plans to get the fuck out of the way should
Ike come in for sloppy seconds, and work starts back up tomorrow and
the bookstore is about to open in a minute and they are playing that
"Open the Door" Paul/Wings song now and its all a littke beautuful.
Not a lot, but a little goes a long way sometimes.

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