Friday, September 26, 2008

Oxford American Launch Party at the Ogden Museum

The party was a smash fête, with rare perfect Sept. weather as the true guest of honor. I met some of my fellow OA writers (an august group in which I find my membership a little bewildering) and had a great time chewing the fat and drinking the drinks.

On the tight list is (Offbeat's and elsewhere's) Alex Rawls' other blog Smooth Jazz Superstars, (avant-gardist and master fusionist) Ned Sublette's book The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square, which can only hope to be as riveting as him blowing yr mind directly, and The Ogden Museum itself, not just for hosting the event on their lovely terrace overlooking the strata of highways and crumbling beauty that is New Orleans, but for being the best ever curated museum of art your have never seen before.


  1. It was great to meet you last night--and glad you like the museum!

  2. this looks like english department get-togethers that i am required to go to that often give me a panic attack.

    ALEX i know your blog is good for you professionally but it is bad for our friendship! i always read but am almost always too lazy to perform the extra three clicks that would enable me to leave comments on your stuff. not to mention that if you replied to my comment i'd never know because i would not have a reply emailed conveniently to me. all i'm saying is I MISS WHAT WE USED TO HAVE. *sob*