Friday, September 26, 2008

[225] Review: We Landed on the Moon! These Little Wars

Writing great pop music is a balancing act, managing accessibility and personality in the right measures, and Baton Rouge’s We Landed on the Moon! has found the sweet spot on the see-saw with its new album These Little Wars. The strident songs on this record ripple with windswept, shuddering guitar and synthesizer as vocalist Melissa Eccles soars on an updraft of bittersweet memories, coyness and the occasional lashing out for resolution. It’s the kind of album that would fit the scene in a coming-of-age movie where the girl races toward her unsure future, usually in a convertible. With its sanded and polished edges, listening to These Little Wars all the way through gets a bit formulaic—mind you, it’s a good formula—but there is enough complexity in the arrangements to keep things interesting. And anyway, these are pop singles, any of which would be as welcome as a fresh breeze coming from your radio.

Essential tracks: “Vietcong,” “Solitaire,” “Mirror Mirror”

Recommended If You Like: The National, Blondie, summer road trips with the top down


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